DCP Donates TV To Smith Jackson School and $5000 to CDA To Do Diabetes Education in Schools

Jan 7, 2015

"During the month of November, which is Diabetes Awareness Month, we offer schools in the Mountain View, Swan Valley and Turtle River Divisions in the Parkland the option of participating in this educational event.

Initially, letters are sent from the Canadian Diabetes Associations office in Dauphin to the Superintendants of each division to proceed to the next level. If the Superintendant agrees, a letter is then sent to the Principal of each school explaining the program.

The Retired Teachers Association in the Mountain View School Division volunteered to deliver the program to the schools, and this partnership has proven to be very successful. We are still attempting to entice the retired teachers in the Swan Valley School Division to participate.

In tandem with the educational component, there is also a pledging request, as this is also a fund raising project.

In 2015 Turtle River will be participating, and hopefully some schools in the Swan Valley School Division will once again participate fully.

We do not do the Reserve Schools as Diabetes education is delivered by West Region Tribal 2 and 4. They have a larger budget and man power to cover the reserves, and the CDA material is disseminated by them, via our Regional Office. Proud Supporter - Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy


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