MS Awareness Competition

May 13, 2015

To help draw awareness to MS, Trevor and Hector are helping to bring this debilitating disease to front and center, by helping to raise funds. There is links below for donating either to Trevor, or Hector. Sunday, May 24 at Clear Lake is the local MS Walk this year.

Trevor Shewfelt

To help generate more interest, I'm "competing" with Hector. Since May 24th is my actual birthday, I've said I'll make a random draw from who ever sponsors me, and bake them a cake. I'll will present them with the cake at the MS Office in Dauphin.

Trevor's Donate page

Hector Paulhus

I am encouraging our listeners to pledge to me either online, or here at CKDM. For every $5.00 that a person pledges, there name will be entered into a draw for my services for two hours. If you pledge $5.00, you will receive one entry, if you pledge $100.00, your name will be entered 20 times, etc. The winner will decide what they want/need me to do for a 2 hour period. That about sums it up!!!

Hector's donate page


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