MS Bike Tour

Sep 10, 2015

DCP is a major corporate sponsor of the 19th Annual Riding Mountain Challenge MS Bike Tour, Sept 12 & 13. About 200 cyclists will descend on Dauphin and ride to Clear Lake through beautiful Riding Mountain National Park.

Multiple Sclerosis affects over 100,000 Canadians and Manitoba has one of the highest concentration of MS in Canada.

We've made some large donations here, so can we break this up into 3 posts?

1) DCP has donated gifts to all the wonderful local volunteers who run the Riding Mountain Challenge.

2) We donated the bags that contain all the wonderful goodies for the cyclists in their "Way to Go" bags.

3) We donated the tent that will keep the riders dry and warm as they fuel up at the Hilton Rest Stop.

What else? Oh yeah... if people want to donate to this wonderful cause why not sponsor Emily Shewfelt (yes shameless self promotion,but all the $$ goes to the cause). Click here to donate -

Photo has Trevor Shewfelt and New MS Parkland Northman Chapter Manager Roxy McNabb.

MS Bike Tour


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