Metformin 10% topical

Jan 12, 2016

Dear Doctors,

At the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, we want to help you help your patients. One way we can help you is through compounding. Compounding is when a pharmacist modifies or mixes a medication for a specific patient with a prescription from that patients prescriber. Common reasons to compound a medication are to get a non-commercially available dose, to get a medication into a patient by a different route or to re-create a medication that is temporarily or permanently off the market. Here is our suggestion this month:

Compound NameMetformin 10% Topical Lipoderm
What is in ItMetformin
IndicationDiabetes. Many patients have GI distress on metformin. If a patient is stable but refuses metformin oral, consider topical alternative.
How to PrescribeUse 10% of oral dose of metformin. E.g. If patient on 500mg po Metformin BID then transdermal dose is 0.5 mL metformin 10% BID (0.5 ml x 10% metformin = 50 mg).

We hope that gives you some ideas about how we can help you help your patients! Any questions? Call us at 204-638-4602.


The Pharmacists of the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy


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