Nic stix (5mg/g topical)

Jan 2, 2012

Dear Doctors,

At the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, we want to help you help your patients. One way we can help you is through compounding. Compounding is when a pharmacist modifies or mixes a medication for a specific patient with a prescription from that patients prescriber. Common reasons to compound a medication are to get a non-commercially available dose, to get a medication into a patient by a different route or to re-create a medication that is temporarily or permanently off the market. Here is our suggestion this month:

Compound Name:Nicotine
What is in It:Smoking cessation
Indication:Nausea - topical rub - avoids oral, IM, SC, rectal routes
How to Prescribe:Looks like a chap stick tube. Stress this is not for the lips. Will rub 1-3 swipes on inside of wrist when they get a craving.

We hope that gives you some ideas about how we can help you help your patients! Any questions? Call us at 638-4602.

The Pharmacists of the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy


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