Testosterone 4% in vanpen cream

Mar 6, 2012

Dear Doctors,

At the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, we want to help you help your patients. One way we can help you is through compounding. Compounding is when a pharmacist modifies or mixes a medication for a specific patient with a prescription from that patients prescriber. Common reasons to compound a medication are to get a non-commercially available dose, to get a medication into a patient by a different route or to re-create a medication that is temporarily or permanently off the market. Here is our suggestion this month:

Compound Name:Testosterone 4% in vanpen cream
What is in It:testosterone that will be absorbed topically
Indication:Testosterone injections have fallen into the Sandoz manufacturing issue. Some physicians have tried using oral andriol caps as a substitution, but oral testosterone is extensively first-pass metabolized by the liver. So andriol while effective, give low testosterone doses. Topical testosterone (Androgel, testosterone patch) avoid 1st pass metabolism and give higher effective testosterone levels. Testosterone 4% in vanpen is more concentrated than the commercially available topicals for patient requiring higher doses.
How to Prescribe:Start low and go slow. Start at 0.25ml (10mg testosterone) OD and increase by 0.25ml every week until desired effect.

We hope that gives you some ideas about how we can help you help your patients! Any questions? Call us at 638-4602.

The Pharmacists of the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy


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