Diabetes March Article

Mar 7, 2018

By Barret Procyshyn

March is Pharmacist Awareness Month and there is a variety of special events planned at the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy and out in the community. This weekend we are co-hosting two days of Diabetes Expo in conjunction with our partner Diabetes Canada. On Friday, starting at 5:00pm we will be at the Dauphin Friendship Centre. On Saturday, at 11:30am we will be at the Dauphin Multi-Purpose Senior's Centre. Both days are free to attend; there is FREE food and lots of prizes to give away. If you want to learn a little more about a disease that affects about three million Canadians, Diabetes Expo is a great place to start. Last week pharmacist Trevor Shewfelt did an excellent job of explaining the different types of oral diabetes medications and how they work. If you want to see that article it is on our website at www.dcp.ca. Trevor also mentioned how diabetes can be overwhelming for someone newly diagnosed or for their families. It can even be overwhelming for someone who has had the disease for decades, because it is often chronically progressive. Because it is Pharmacist Awareness Month I wanted to highlight how a pharmacist can help you better manage diabetes.

Testing Effectively

The first stage of managing diabetes is testing your blood sugar. You may not know if you are diabetic or how severe your diabetes is, until you begin to test your blood glucose levels regularly. There are a wide variety of testing units on the market. We now carry one which does not require finger pokes and have others that will blue tooth your results right onto an app on your smartphone. Regardless of which meter you choose, the DCP team can show you the proper way to use your meter and can provide advice on how often; and when exactly you should be testing. In 2017 the Manitoba Government put restrictions on how often you can be testing, so it is imperative you effectively manage the test strips available to you.

Managing Your Medications

Your Dauphin Clinic Pharmacist can also provide you or a family member with a medication review. Diabetics who are on three or more medications will likely benefit from a medication review. During a medication review a pharmacist examines the patient's medication list which includes prescriptions, over the counter medications and herbal medications. A pharmacist can often identify medications you do not need. Medication interactions between two medications or even with medications and food are often brought to light. A medication review will also find side effects which may be causing troublesome problems. If you are having trouble sleeping, with gaining weight or even have sore muscles, it could be caused by one of your pills. Some medications may even be contributing to high sugar levels. A pharmacist may be able to recommend similar medications with fewer side effects. We may be able to change the time you take your medications so it does not interfere with staying awake or falling asleep. Most importantly we will explain why you need to take the medications you are taking. Aside from Manitoba, most other provinces in Canada allow at least one medication review per year, as a part of their health care programs. They even send pharmacists into people's home if they are unable to go to the pharmacy. While this service has shown to keep people healthier and out of our hospitals and waiting rooms; our province continues to ignore covering this great service. The good news is your Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy team is able to provide a medication review free of charge to our customers.

Making Diabetes Management Easier

Diabetics need to be testing regularly and taking their medication properly. Your clinic pharmacist can assist in ensuring your medications, insulin and testing supplies get covered by your health plans. Additionally, we offer medication refill reminders and online refill ordering. Diabetics should always get their annual flu shots and their pneumonia vaccines at age 65; both which we provide complimentary at DCP. To improve medication compliance, medications can be supplied in compliance packages or even convenient strip packaging, without an additional charge. We also pleased to support community educational events, such as the Diabetes Expo happening March 9 and 10 to help make life better. #PAM2018


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