Free Bubble Packing

Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy Bubble Packaging

  • Available 7 days a week
  • Free delivery of scheduled bubble packs
  • Free pickup and delivery of bubble packs requiring changes
  • Earn loyalty points on each bubble packed medication

What is bubble packing?

Bubble packing is a system that places your medication in individual sealed compartments for each dose. The system is designed to eliminate confusion and allow you to keep track of your medications. Your medication can be organized into time slots - morning, noon, evening, bedtime or anytime that suits your schedule (to a maximum of 4 times per card) - and placed into bubbles on a card. Each card can hold a seven-day supply of medications.

When it is time to take your medications, simply punch out the contents of the bubble corresponding to the proper day and time - no more filling boxes or fumbling with prescription bottles. If you do not remember taking a dose, simply check the card to see if you have missed any doses.

Our bubble pack customers are placed on a refill calendar so that there is a continuous supply of medications available - there is no need for a phone call to request refills. We can arrange for pick-up or delivery service - whatever is appropriate for you.

PacMed Pouch

The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy is the only pharmacy in the Parkland to offer the PacMed pouch option as an alternative to bubble packs.

PacMed Pouches are compact, convenient, portable, and personalized just for you.

These cellophane tear-off pouches are excellent for people that require medications multiple times throughout the day (Ex: Parkinson's Medications)

PacMed packaging is discreet and easy to carry in purses, travel bags even pockets.

Is Bubble Packing or PacMed Pouches right for you or a family member?

Bubble packing is convenient and keeps you on track with your medications. If you have questions about getting your medication bubble packed please call a DCP pharmacy team member today.

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