Thank you Travis

First of all I would like to commend you on the staff you have chosen who work throughout your store. I have not met one of your employees yet who has not been courteous, polite or professional.

I have decided to write to you regarding one young man who delivers for you. I believe his name is Travis. We sometimes have our meds delivered and while all of your delivery people are courteous, polite and professional, this young man seems to take it one step further. On occasion we dog sit our son's English bulldog. He is large and looks mean but is the biggest suck in the world. Loves people to no end. In 5 years I saw him mad once. Anyway, when we have delivered meds I put if no-one home put in mailbox. Travis has met Seni (the dog) and quickly gained his trust. Travis took it upon himself to bring Seni treats when he delivered. When we weren't home Travis left a treat in the mailbox with the meds for Seni.

This young man should be commended for his actions and his dealings with the public (your customers). He deserves a pat on the back for his efforts and thoughtfulness. We hope he keeps up his mature attitude and his love of people and pets. Was with the RCMP for 30 years and wish I'd had some young men like him under my wing. He will no doubt go far in life given his attitude, work ethic and demeanor at this young age.

Bob and Carol

You Guys are Great!

What wonderful and dedicated people you have working there! This past Saturday evening, Mr. Pat Lamborn took time out of his evening to fill a prescription for my son after hours. Not only did he just fill it, but he took the time to make suggestions to administer and share his tips learned from his own kids that were incredibly helpful! He was already doing me a huge favor and to take that extra time... after hours on a Saturday night... is a true sign of dedication and love of the job! Thank you Pat. Thank you DCP!

Rachel Jensen

Attention: Myles Haverluck

I just wanted to let you know about a couple of your staff who went out of their way to lend a hand recently.

It was the Friday evening before Kinsmen Business Expo. We were setting up the Plinko board for the weekend. I was noticing that the selection of prizes we had for Plinko was looking rather sad. I gave a call to Trevor Shewfelt; he was out of town for hockey. He connected me up with Pat Lamborn, who met me at your pharmacy and provided me with a box full of good selection of articles for the Expo.

I just wanted to extend our thanks and appreciation for the excellent service and dedication of your staff toward making Dauphin a better, friendlier place to live.

Greg Loucks
Kinsmen Club of Dauphin

Thanks Again!

I wanna say thank you to your staff, I was treated very well n they were very caring to myself n my injury and one of your staff wheeled me over to the hospital so I didn’t have to walk so again thank you so much

Jen Thate

Bill Matsyk - Great Service!

Until I had a heart attack 2 years ago I seldom used many prescription pills. So I bought my pills here, there or wherever. Then after my heart attack and 3 stents I had the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy delivery my discharge medications to my bedside in ICU! What great prompt and professional service! I didn’t even have to pay for them at the time. You charged them to an account and let me pay later. Since then I get all my prescriptions filled at your place Myles. I have been treated very, very nicely, always. You and your staff are great and I have recommended you to my friends many times. You are a class act. Keep up the great work.

Bill Matsyk

P.S. You also support our great town in so many ways.

That is great of you. Thanks for doing that

Thank you


Thank you once again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this presentation for our "troops"!

Police Academy: Older Adult Division Troop Leaders

Kim Armstrong & Sandi Bass

Holiday Saved

My husband and I were on a week’s long vacation in Mexico recently. On our first day there I began experiencing some serious health issues and was very skeptical about seeking medical attention in Mexico. My situation grew worse very quickly. My husband encouraged me to email the Dauphin Clinic pharmacy and ask their advice about medication options and medical treatment. I sent my email that night before bed and the next morning when I got up I checked my email there was a reply waiting for me. Trevor answered the questions I had about the medication and encouraged me to see a doctor where I was. I did so immediately, got the medication I needed and was able to enjoy my holiday in its entirety. It’s because of fantastic customer service like that my husband and I both make sure our business stays with the Clinic Pharmacy. It may sound like a small thing, just writing me an email. But that prompt, professional reply literally saved our week’s holiday. Thank you doesn’t seem to say enough.

Carolyn Rempel

Satisfied Customer

I have been a regular customer at the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, since the start. I have no regrets with dealing with them.

I believe their smiles and thank you’s are a necessary part of a successful business. I also believe that all the staff working at the Pharmacy are sincere and caring with everyone they serve.

Not once did I have any problems or complications with the service provided from them all these years.

It is seen in their success, as they are a very successful establishment. Their dimensions of work eithics cannot be measured on an ordinary scale. I find their natural approach has tremendous value, and is a gift to the community and surrounding areas.

I have learned from my own experience the importance of the word medication, and the Pharmacists, who rely on for information on a continuous and regular basis. I wish all the employees the very best.

Also to you Myles congratulations with your business, and the expansion you have added to help serve your customer’s and growing needs of the community.

Sincerely Yours,
A Very Satisfied Customer.
Michael Paskaruk

Amazing Service

Rita Dupley was stuck in Winnipeg because her mother was in the hospital and was running out of her medications. We offered to get a hold of her doctor to get a new prescription and mail them to her in Winnipeg. The following was her reaction:

"Thank you, Trevor - that is awesome!

I guess I should have known you’d be helpful - because isn’t your mission stmt something like "we want to AMAZE you with our customer service..."?
Thanks so much - my mom was just admitted... - we’re looking at a minimum of 8 more weeks here.

You Rock, Trevor!!"

Prompt Service

The pharmacy has given us prompt service. Delievered when we asked. Polite, courteous service everytime we use the pharmacy. Drive-Thru a bonus! Thank You

Raymond Jim Fleming


Thank you for your presentation today. We are grateful that we have professionals such as you in our community that we can call upon and who graciously and enthusiastically participate in our programs.

Thank you

Dauphin Police Academy Older Adult Division

-Troop Leaders and Cadets

We certainly appreciate all the help we get from Pat Lamborn

Pat Lamborn is always willing to listen to any health problems we may be experiencing, goes over our prescriptions with us, and may suggest an over-the-counter medication we might be wanting. We feel very comfortable talking to him! Thanks Pat

Jim & Geri Sigvaldason

Always treated well

After some 25 + years of dealing @ DCP, I have to say I/We have always been treated well, served quickly with a smile. Thanks to Trevor & Pat for answering some pretty dumb questions over the years! Thanks to Trevor for speaking to our arthritis support group in Dauphin. We always manage to have fun!!

Linda Watts

This pharmacy is a happy place to visit

The pharmacists at Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy have restored my confidence in the opportunity to receive professional and knowledgeable care. The environment they have created at DCP is one of teamwork, prompt service and staff self esteem. This pharmacy is a happy place to visit. The diversified service they provide is indicative of the attitude - the client patient comes first.

John Pshebniski

Thanks Trevor

I live in Spruce Grove, Alberta, and spent a while talking with Trevor at the Dauphin Pharmacy this evening. My wife has post polio syndrome, chronic pain & fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc. Her pain symptoms spiked so severely in 2007 that she was in and out of hospitals every month (and ER’s don’t like pain patients; they are treated as drug-seeking addicts, especially at the U of A).

She has had adverse reactions to pretty much everything, including fentynol patches, methadone, etc. She took herself off of methadone cold turkey this past Sept., after having been on it for 3 years.

She suffered horrible withdrawals, and now that we’re through that, she’s on nothing for pain. Her new pain dr. has prescribed Butrans patches, but we’re a little nervous about going that route, which is why I called Dauphin. Trevor was extremely helpful, and made some good recommendations.

Mark G. Judy

Follow up Testimonial

I would like to add the following testimonial to ur website please:

While traveling in the USA recently, I somehow misplaced my medication. Although I was many miles away, all it took was a quick email to Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy and a prescription was called in immediately to the local pharmacy, no problem. Just a prime example of the exceptional and outstanding service the DCP provide to their customers!!!!

In closing, I sincerely appreciate all the assistance that has been provided to me recently. I always look forward to the smiling faces of everyone at the Pharmacy.

Karen Davis

I like the Feature Health Articles

Attention: Trevor Shewfelt

Recently in the Parkland Shopper, in the Pharmacy Feature you suggested that if customers would like to receive the pharmacy feature via email, we could simply visit the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy and sign up, and as a bonus, we would receive 500 DCP points, a value of $5 toward any purchase. I really enjoy this feature and have learned much from it.

On Monday, Oct 25, I stopped by the Pharmacy but you had just stepped out. Could you please let me know how I can sign up for the Pharmacy Feature email and receive the bonus DCP points?

Web Cam

Greetings from Vancouver Island!

Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I really like that you have a web camera - we have family in Dauphin and it’s nice to have a look once in a while to see the weather there and now how the construction is coming along with your facility Hope the web camera stays up for as long as possible!


Richard Petrie

Thanks Barret

Michelle K.

I went on holidays and forgot my very important medications that aren’t readily availble just anywhere. The bigger problem was, i was in a remote area. i called DCP to see if they could help me. That was an understatement. The pharmacist called all over the area and found enough meds for the next day then shipped me the rest.

Thanks to Barrett, my holidays continued on as planned. Thanks DCP staff for all you do!


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