Home Visits and Medication Reviews

Have you ever wondered if you are taking your medications the right way?

Do you understand what your medications are for and what the benefits and risks are associated with taking them? Are you sure about the over-the-counter or herbal medications that you take and whether they are safe to take with your prescription drugs?

Do you know what all of your medications are used for and how to take them?

Have you seen 2 or 3 doctors and do you wonder if the one doctor was aware of all the medications you received from the other doctor? Do you think you are on too many medications?

The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy offers a service that will review all the medications you are currently taking. We believe that as a patient, you should be fully informed about the medication that you are taking, including the name and effects of your medication, the dosage schedule, side effects, storage requirements, and special precautions necessary when you are taking medication. We can evaluate whether there is the potential for drug interactions to exist and to give an indication of the significance of those reactions. We may also be able to suggest ways in which your current medication may be changed to significantly reduce the annual cost of medications.

After the medication review, we will work with the other health care professionals involved in your care. For example, if there are any medications our pharmacist feels should be stopped or changed he/she will discuss these possible changes with your doctor. Under your supervision and approval, we can also discuss your medication review with your home care nurse, diabetic educator, or family caregivers.

Call the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy at 204-638-4602 or toll-free at 1-888-638-5930, or e-mail us at dcp@mymts.net, and book an appointment for a medication review. We can either have you bring all your medications into the pharmacy and do the review in our private office, or if you live within the City of Dauphin, we can have a pharmacist visit you at home.