Orthotic Fitters

What are orthotics?

The field of orthotics involves the design, fabrication and fitting of orthoses (braces or splints) intended to prevent or correct deformities, protect a painful part of the body or improve the function of a weakened extremity. This may include anything from custom fabricated arch supports to braces for the knee, back, shoulder or arm. Our certified orthotic fitters have completed an extensive training and certification process that includes an emphasis on assessment, and fitting procedures.

Mastectomy Products

A breast form is a prosthesis worn either inside a bra or attached to the body to simulate the weight, bounce, feel, movement, and especially shape of the natural female breast. Depending on the material or shape used, these qualities can be achieved to different degrees. Our certified fitters have the knowledge needed to make the best choice for you. Taking your physical needs, personal lifestyle and preferences into considertation.

Bra Size

The way your bra fits could influence the way your prosthesis feels. The bra should hold your breast form snugly against your body. If your bra is too loose or stretched, the prosthesis will sag and feel heavier than it should; if your bra is too tight, the band will feel uncomfortable and the prosthesis will be more visible.


If your shoulders are not aligned, our fitters may suggest a different prosthesis to fit your posture. You may need a weighted prosthesis that will keep your chest wall muscles from contracting and pulling your shoulder out of place, which could make you feel uncomfortable.

Prosthesis Adjustment

Our fitters may adjust your bra size to account for changes to your breast because of age or weight gain.

Our Certified Orthotics Fitters

The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy has a skilled team of Certified Orthotic Fitters who provide the most complete and professional fitting services in the Parkland area.

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