"Healthy Holidays" - Healthy Gift Ideas for Christmas

Dec 15, 2021

By Barret Procyshyn, Pharmacist at Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy

#shoplocal is a trending hashtag. The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy is a locally owned pharmacy, and we take pride in helping our community and giving back to our community. Our other locally businesses share the same philosophy. You might not think our pharmacy as a place to grab your Christmas gifts, however we do have some nice stuff. So do some other local businesses. In fact, instead of having a DCP Christmas party this year, we are gifting the 12 days of Christmas to our amazing team of staff using local gifts from local businesses.

If you want to go healthy and local here are some cool gift options, which we offer at our pharmacy.

Blood Pressure Monitors

Monitoring blood pressure is extremely important and monitoring at home has proven to be the most accurate place to do it. Most people over the age of 50 need to monitor their blood pressure and it should definitely be done regularly if they are on medications or have diabetes. We carry a few models of fully automated machines which also measure heart rate.

Mobility Aids

If you have a loved one who has difficulty moving around, consider getting them a walker, rollator, or cane. We have a good selection, and it could prevent broken bones from a slip or fall this winter. For inside their home we have bath benches, transfer benches and tub rails. These gifts might not be flashy, but they sure are useful.


Currently we have a great stock of wand and neck massagers in stock. Everyone has aches and pains, and these can be a real stress reliever after a long day at work or at the hockey rink. The devices are easy to use and can target that specific problem area. If you want the real deal, grab a gift card from a local massage therapist. We have some awesome ones in the area!

Healthy & Low Sugar Snacks

If you want to put together some sweet treats for an athlete or a diabetic patient your #makeslifebetter pharmacy has what you need. We have a good selection of protein bars, keto snacks, and low sugar candies for stocking stuffers. You can pair some healthy snacks with some new sports equipment or add it to a gift card for an outdoor activity.

Skin Care

With winter in full swing, most people's skin takes a beating. We some top of the line skin care products to help. Even though its freezing cold your skin can still burn when outside. Ensure you purchase a lip product with SPF 15 for sun protection and throw it in a stocking. People on the slopes and frozen lakes will need a facial moisturizer. We have some of the large Hempz lotions available, which always puts a smile on faces, and they always get used up.

Travel Health

Speaking of the sun, some people are traveling once again. Aside from getting your rapid test at the pharmacy the traveler also needs sunscreen, over the counter medication, travel sized toiletries, KN95 masks and hand sanitizer. Why not make them a travel pack for their trip? Purchase our Atoma branded items to save even more money. For the fisherman or outdoorsman, a first aid kit could be a lifesaver.

Baby Items

For expecting mothers, we might have some gifts that catch your eye as well. Get the mom to be something she can use by grabbing some items for the new baby. You could make up a basket of wipes, creams, baby shampoo, oral hygiene, and top it off with a few sweet treats for mom. A larger gift idea every parent will use for their baby is a humidifier.

As mentioned, other businesses in town have some great offerings as well. For the active person get them a monthly swim pass at the pool or a gym membership at Park Fit. Dr. Brenna & Three Graces has some great skin treatments and wellness treatments. Source for Sports has all the equipment you need to get that special someone moving. Home Hardware and Mega Deals have great items for the kitchen because no meal is healthier than the one you prepare for yourself. Grab some meat fresh from Showdra meats to put in that pot or some pickerel from a local commercial fisherman. Think outside the box-store this Christmas for healthy & happy holiday gifting.

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