How Your Pharmacy Can Help You

Mar 22, 2022

By Barret Procyshyn, Pharmacist at Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy

Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy is thankful for everyone's continued business by trusting us to provide you the health care you need. With Pharmacy Awareness Month upon us here are some pharmacy services we offer to help make life better for you and your family.

Most will agree your pharmacist is your most accessible healthcare professional. The DCP and your clinic pharmacists like to take that a step further. Surveys show a pharmacy's location is important. As you know we are located across from the Dauphin hospital and directly attached to the Dauphin Medical Clinic. We have easy parking, are fully wheelchair accessible and of course have our two drive thru windows. My favorite story of the drive thru was a few years ago when a small child was crushed to find out I did not serve French fries. Although our windows are not for that, we can provide prescriptions, over the counter items and answer questions you have on these products. It works great for the mom with kids who does not have enough arms to load and unload everyone, or the senior who wants to save their steps for an evening walk. Yes, you can also visit the drive thru in your Harley or bicycle.

Being open seven days, a week can really come in handy. We always have someone available here in case you forget to order your medications, get a prescription from the hospital, or just find it easier to run your errands on a Saturday. We also have an after-hours emergency call line which is available to 10:00 pm every day. We also offer our free in town delivery service seven days a week which will save you time, hassle, and gas money.

If remembering your medications is a challenge, we will put you in our calendar, fill your medications automatically and deliver to your door. This is very handy for medication like birth control, blood pressure medications and diabetes treatments. It will keep you on track. If you need a little extra help, we can blister or bubble pack your medication for the same price as if it was in bottles. This keeps your medications organized and you can spend less time worrying about them.

The over-the-counter section can be intimidating if you are self-treating for a minor illness. Whether it be cough and cold or a skin irritation there are tens if not hundreds of options available. If you have questions on these, ask your pharmacist. We enjoy spending time in the front store answering questions. We can help you get the right product and send you home with the right directions. This will save you time and money. With prescriptions, a little help you're your pharmacist can also come in handy. Whether it is answering drug related questions or doing a full medication review, you can count on your clinic pharmacist. Being attached to the Dauphin Medical Clinic allows us to have some great working relationships with our local doctors which is a plus.

Last week the pharmacy feature focused on sleep apnea, and I reviewed the process for having a sleep study done by picking up the test kit at the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy. Another test we are once again offered is a 24-hour blood pressure monitor test. You wear a blood pressure cuff attached to a wireless data tracker for 24 hours. It monitors your blood pressure and puts all the data in a concise report we provide to your doctor. This report can be extremely useful is not only diagnosing hypertension but will also assist with determining the type and regimen of medication you require. The cost of the test is $75.00 and you can get a referral from your physician or if you want the test on your own, just contact us.

We provide the flu-shot annually and became very busy this past year with COVID-19 vaccinations. If you are 5 or 85, you can get either at the DCP. We also provide other injections, so contact us to find out more. This year we hope to even offer more services as Pharmacists Manitoba works out details for providing smoking cessation programs and prescribing for uncomplicated urinary tract infections. While this is not running yet, keep an eye out these exciting changes.

Aside from all we offer as a pharmacy, we want to have a positive impact on your community. This is a big week for hockey in Dauphin and the DCP is the game sponsor for GAME 1 of the Dauphin King's playoff run. To help the team's efforts, the 50/50 for the game will run all week with the draw on game night on March 26 at Credit Union Place. You can get your 50/50 and your game tickets at the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy. Watch our Facebook page more details. There will also be daily draws so make sure to stop by the DCP and grab some tickets.


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